San Diego Bikeways Map

Upcoming and existing bikeways, Street Repavings, and Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) — all on one map. Including both upcoming SANDAG and SD City bikeways.

Map Layers

Upcoming City Repaving Bikeways Updated July 2022

These are new bikeways that the city is planning to build as they repave streets during FY2023 (July 2022-July 2023).

Upcoming SANDAG Bikeways Updated via iBikeMap

Bikeway construction planned by SANDAG. This dataset updates automatically as SANDAG updates their maps.

Existing Bikeways Updated via iBikeMap

Existing bikeways in the San Diego region. Does not include sharrows (class II) because they don't really count as bike infrastructure.

Todd Gloria's ✨Sexy✨ Streets Projects Updated July 2022

Special street repaving projects under the sexy street initiative. Wouldn't the streets be even sexier with new bikeways?

Upcoming City Street Repaving Projects Updated via City of SD Streets Map

The city likes to add new bikeways when they repave streets, so it can be effective to advocate for new bikeways on streets that the city is already planning to repave.

Upcoming Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Updated via City Projects Map

Upcoming city construction projects including major street improvements, sewer and water-main replacements. CIP projects often tear up streets and there's oppurtunity to advocate for new bikeways during these projects.